Top 10 Wordpress Tricks

1. Set Categories for Posts in wordpress

This is a great feature of wordpress which helps you basically keep certain posts in sections. When you go to the option Posts --> Add Categories (see wordpress dashboard explained) you can enter the name of the category that you want everything to be filed under and then you can add a slug (this is the URL friendly version of the name of the category) also with a description field.

After this has been done and different posts are assigned to different categories that you have made, you can then link to pages only from this category using the category number which is found by Posts --> Categories --> Edit.......then check the URL.

Here after seeing the 'category&tag_ID=' there will be a number. This is the category and basically if you want to show a page with posts only from this particular category say ?cat=15, you would use

2. Make a custom wordpress homepage

If using wordpress as your CMS system for a website it may be the case that you want to have your own homepage as opposed to haveing as page of posts. Here you would basically make a new page and do the layout for this page as you would like to. Then once you have this page set up and published if you go to Settings ---> Reading you can change the home page setting to just show a static page from the drop down list. You can also define which page of the site will be used for blog posts for the website.

3. Keep a Backup of your wordpress site

Whenever working on any computer it is advisable to keep a backup of what you have done as there really is nothing worse than losing a whole days work or more! By going to your dashboard and selecting Tools --> Import and basically just select all your content and download this to a safe place on your desktop or flash drive etc..

Please note here that any images etc, will need to be backed up separately.

4. Import a wordpress backup

There are times when you may have moved to a new hosting company or you want to get an old site back online and you may need to import the contents of an old site. For this again you will need to go to Tools --> Import and here you need to choose 'Wordpress' and then follow the dialog unitl you get to the Wordpress Import Plugin. This is where you can then quite easily upload your old site back on to the wordpress platform.

5. Mobile Friendly Wordpress Site

It is also a good idea nowadays with the growth in use of 3G internet connections and things like Iphones and Ipad's becoming more popular that you make sure that your website looks right when being displayed on one of these devices. There is actually a plugin called the WP Touch Plugin that is available that will take care of this for you. Whereas on a normal site it may take a few hours to make all the necessary alterations it really is made much easier with a plugin.

6. Using Breadcrumbs

People do really underestimate the effectiveness of breadcrumbs especially for larger sites when they can be useful to the user for navigation purposes. They do really have a dual purpose and can also be very useful with regards to the SEO of your wordpress site. As is quite standard with wordpress they do have a plugin called the Breadcrumb NavXT that will add this to your wordpress site for you.

After you have enabled the plugin through the plugins menu you will need to go to Appearance --> Editor --> header.php. Within this file you will need to add some code to places where you want breadcrumbs displayed in your website:

<div class="breadcrumbs"> 

7. Utilise the Sticky Posts Function

There is a multitude of reasons why you might want to give some posts more prominence on your blog than others. For example one posts may be extremely popular or even an introduction about the site for example and therefore you want to keep it at the top. This is where using something like the WP Sticky plugin can be very useful

With this plugin you basically got to Post --> Edit and then under the section of the plugin 'Post Sticky Status'then just select 'Sticky'. If you have multiple posts that are marked in this way you can give preference by using the 'Announcement' option.

8. Manage Your Comments

When you make your blog and it does turn out to be quite successful you will of course get a lot of comments. There is a plugin available called the Paginated Comments plugin which helps you to arrange them into pages and will also optimise the pages for search engines. This also allows you to set the number of comments per page etc..

9. Track your Visitor Statistics

It is very useful for any webmaster to have information on how many people are visiting a website and also where they are coming from. This gives some valuable information as to how the website is going and what is working and not working. Here you can easily install the Google Analytics Plugin to help you monitor all this information and really is invaluable for any webmaster.

10. Update your wordpress version

It is very important to keep your version of wordpress up to date and current. This is really due to the fact that you will have more features available and also more importantly the security will be improved. A lot of security issues that happen with wordpress are quite often where people have not updated to the latest release and hackers are exploiting this.









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