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It is of course important that if you are looking to get yourself a unique looking blog that you employ the services of a good wordpress blog designer to help you with this. There are lots of free wordpress themes that are available across the internet and there are also a lot of 'premium' themes aswell (these are themes that you need to pay for).

This is the main reason thats most people would rather spend a bit more than a premium theme for example and invest in something that gives them their own brand and identity for their personal or business website.

Advantages of Your Tailored Blog Design

There are of course lots of different advantages to having your own bespoke blog design. Some of the main advantages are:

Bespoke Design
By having a custom coded design you can make sure that all the elements that you need are taken care of and therefore you will get exactly what you want. This is not so much the case for even premium themes where you may like a lot of it but there are certain things however that you would want moving or altering.

There will normally be some development of the the blog design as you move forward with the business and this is where it is very useful to have someone that you can call on easily to change things on the blog rather than trying to figure these things out yourself if you are not very technically minded.

Arguably the most important thing about getting your wordpress blog custom designed is that your design will be totally unique to you and therefore allows you to build your own brand for your site. This is not the case if a lot of other people share the same design and therefore is probably the most important factor of why people should get their own theme designed.

Disadvantages of Your Tailored Blog Design

There are really not many disadvantages of getting a custom wordpress blog design, but the possible drawbacks are:

Getting a nice theme which will stand out to users and look great may set you back a few pennies! This is the only main disadvantage to custom theme design over premiumj wordpress themes but quite often this will be worth the added expense.

Time Factor
One of the obvious drawbacks to getting your own blog theme designed is the time it takes. For products that are off the shelf you can obviously get going straight away, whereas with anything bespoke it will take some time to create.


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